Opportunity Webinar


Uncover Opportunities in Times of Adversity.

Getting sensible business advice is even more important in times of uncertainty. Crises tend to distract us from continuing to gain traction in our businesses. They create heaps of extra ‘noise’ that takes our focus away from what’s most important – continuing to put one foot in front of the other.  During this time, why not invest in yourself and your business so that you come out the other side of this thing even stronger than when you went in? 

By using our time wisely and investing in up-skilling, personal development and creating more efficient systems, we are setting ourselves up to be more resilient in future.

In this timely virtual workshop, Jennifer Myers will help us look at ways we can find opportunities to remain viable and think long-term, even in times of crisis. Because, at the end of the day, if we look for fear we’ll find it but if we look for opportunities we’ll find them!

Opportunities like:

• Strengthening the business

• Self-reflecting

• Tuning out the noise and tuning IN the hope

• Connecting

• Building relationships

• Thinking creatively about EVERY aspect of the business

• & more

Threats stop being threats when you begin to see the opportunities that can come out of them.

The workshop will run for approximately 60-75 minutes and include Q&A with the facilitator.

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