Leadership for Individuals

Become A Powerful Influencer

Because increasing your influence increases your effectiveness.

Isn't it interesting how some people seem to be 'born leaders' and others aren't? In our view, there is no secret to being a good leader. All it takes is intentional practice of several key concepts along with a willingness to stretch yourself OUT of your comfort zone. Whether you lead a team of people at work, run a company, negotiate contracts, or need 'buy-in' from others, knowing how to influence will make you much more successful than those who don't. Our Certified Leadership Coaches can share those key concepts with you and support you as you hone your skills.

The Leader's Toolkit is a unique proprietary resource we have created to support team leaders to dig in a bit deeper and really uncover what motivates each individual team member. Our Certified Leadership coaches will support you to learn how to use this tool with your own team in order to build new levels of engagement, trust and respect. Just a few of the concepts covered include

  • 'Earning the right' - you can't lead until you earn the right to lead
  • Engagement and motivation happen one-to-one, not one-to-many
  • Setting clear expectations for each individual
  • Understanding what types of acknowledgement each team member appreciates

When it comes to 1-to-1 leadership coaching options, we have a variety of materials available that can be customised to your needs. The topics below are delivered 'one bite at a time' over the course of a longer-term coaching engagement. Let's discuss what your needs are so that we can design a leadership development programme to suit your objectives.