Increase Your Influence

Increase Your Influence

1-Day Leadership Intensive

Would you like to not just 'run' your business but LEAD it?

If you are in a management or ownership position, your role encompasses so much more than simply being able to direct the day-to-day activities of your team.


That's why we've created this 1-Day Leadership Intensive.

We understand how very important it is to ensure you have an understanding of the key principles of great leadership AS WELL AS ways to begin applying each one of them in your business. When you learn to lead, your personal effectiveness will increase, your team's effectiveness will increase and your business or department results will grow exponentially.

This is no ordinary leadership training, and these are no ordinary principles - they've been proven time and again to produce extraordinary results for those who embrace them by putting them into practice.

Level Up Your Impact

If you're someone who knows you could be getting better results from your team or your business, this event will open your eyes.

Whether you are an executive, corporate team leader or entrepreneur, you MUST embrace good leadership principles in order to achieve the results you want. Because we know nothing great was ever achieved alone. It takes you, working through other people, to achieve remarkable things!

I'm sure you've heard the phrase 'people don't leave companies, people leave leaders.'  You see, what we believe shapes our results.

If we believe 'leadership skills' are airy-fairy, fluffy or too 'hard' for some of us to learn, those beliefs will impact on our teams and our results. We won't be developing our own skills, so we will simply run the day-to-day activities of our team without considering what each individual NEEDS from us as their leader to be at their best. We'll ignore investing in our team members' ongoing development. We'll pass them over for new opportunities because we'll be so busy with the 'day to day'.

If this goes on for too long, our team members will become uninspired and restless, feeling as if we don't value them and their contribution. They will eventually leave for a leader who will invest in THEM and this cycle repeats year after year, keeping us and our business STUCK and far from achieving what we really want. Until one day, we either give up completely or get our proverbial S@#$ together and DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT.

If you need to find (or regain) your leadership 'mojo' and learn the keys to better results, TODAY IS YOUR DAY TO DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT!

The 'Increase Your Influence 1-Day Leadership Intensive' is based on the leadership principles and values of John C Maxwell, worldwide authority on leadership development and one of our personal mentors. Each principle in this event is designed to equip you with a specific skill you need to dramatically improve your impact and influence with others.

Here's a sneak peek of what you'll do on the day:

  • learn key leadership principles and behaviours
  • assess your own leadership strengths
  • identify your own leadership 'blind spots'
  • identify and practice the behaviours required to effectively lead yourself and others
  • create an action plan you can begin implementing immediately in your work and personal life

Wondering if this event is for you? Here's who we've designed it for:

  • people currently in a supervisory or managerial role
  • business owners with teams from 2 to 200 people
  • those people who have been recently promoted into a supervisory or managerial role

Want to join a group of peers who are motivated, proactive and ready to take their skills to the next level?

You'll want to register NOW as seats will be limited to allow for robust interaction.

What's the fee for 1 Day that can change how you lead and in turn change your business? 

Just $449+gst!

That's it. Our mission is to change the NZ business community for the better - one leader at a time! We know you'll gain massive return on investment when you participate with your peers and then implement what you learn when you return to your team.


Won't you join us? We're offering this workshop on 19 August in Auckland and on 16 September in Hamilton. So click the big orange REGISTER button on the location you prefer, and you'll be taken to the appropriate registration page to sort out your ticket.

We can't wait to meet you and support your success!