Increase Your Influence

Increase Your Influence & Develop Your Inner Leader

90 Day 1:1 Programme

I believe I know some things about you and your current situation...

I know you're a person who wants to improve your leadership skills and become a more effective leader.

Currently, you're focused on getting better results through your team and improving connections with them, right?

So, let me ask you a question...


Would you be happy if you could improve your team's collaboration and connection, learn to quickly resolve issues within your team and stop spending so much time putting out fires?

Because if you could do those things, ultimately, that would mean you could create a well-oiled team that works together and consistently gets great results for the business! (Which would be amazing!)

Unfortunately, I also get the sense there are some roadblocks for you here, including figuring out how to:

  • Stop conflict and miscommunication among team members
  • Get the team to start working together better and
  • Put a robust communication plan in place so the entire team can be on the same page

Sound familiar?

Another thing...

Are you also really frustrated by the fact that you can't accomplish your own priorities because you're constantly reacting to your team's needs, people who won't take responsibility for the consequences of their actions and team members who rarely take initiative outside their assigned areas of responsibility?

Plus, do you constantly ask yourself these questions about how to move forward?:

  • Is it possible for my current team to learn to work together or will we have to re-arrange the team somehow?
  • How can I organise the team so I don't have to micro-manage and we still achieve our goals?
  • Will it ever be possible to get more than 30 minutes of uninterrupted time to focus on my own work?

One last question...

Do you ever find yourself thinking 'To maintain authority, I have to distance myself a bit from my team members.' or 'I can never take my foot off the accelerator because if I do, the wheels fall off.' or 'All the solutions to every problem have to come from ME.'?

I know I did!

And finally, to make matters even worse, sometimes (no matter what you do) it just plain feels like people who aren't focused on being team players are actively going out of their way to sabotage your success.

Well let me tell you, I know exactly how you feel because I've been there myself... more than once!

When all is said and done, my guess is you really just want to empower and then trust the people you lead to step up and do a good job, create a culture that encourages and rewards team members for contributing ideas and solutions, and finally get the time to enjoy all your hard work because the team can handle it while you're away. YES?

If this sounds at all like you...

I'd like to invite you to work with me on my 'Increase Your Influence & Develop Your Inner Leader' programme so you can learn how to effectively lead and inspire your team and get better results for your business (without feeling frustrated and feeling as if you're forcing people to do what you tell them to do).

If you want to discover how to lead yourself first, understand your leadership strengths and 'blind spots', and learn key leadership principles and behaviours based on the work of a leadership legend - John C Maxwell - then the 'Increase Your Influence' programme is definitely for you

This is no ordinary leadership training, and these are no ordinary principles - they've been proven time and again to produce extraordinary results for those who embrace them by putting them into practice.

Level Up Your Impact

If you're someone who knows you could be getting better results from your team or your business, this programme will open your eyes.

Whether you are an executive, corporate team leader or entrepreneur, you MUST embrace good leadership principles in order to achieve the results you want. Because we know nothing great was ever achieved alone. It takes you, working through other people, to achieve remarkable things!

If you need to find (or regain) your leadership 'mojo' and learn the keys to better results, TODAY IS YOUR DAY TO DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT!

Here's a sneak peek at what you'll learn:

  • learn key leadership principles and behaviours
  • assess your own leadership strengths
  • identify your own leadership 'blind spots'
  • identify the behaviours required to effectively lead yourself and others
  • create an action plan you can begin implementing immediately in your work and personal life

Wondering if this programme is for you? Here's who we've designed it for:

  • people currently in a supervisory or managerial role
  • business owners with teams from 2 to 200 people
  • those people who have been recently promoted into a supervisory or managerial role

What's the investment for a 1:1 experience that can change how you lead and in turn change your business? 

Just $2,500!

That's it. Our mission is to change the NZ business community for the better - one leader at a time! We know you'll gain massive return on investment when implement what you learn with your team.


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