Communication for Groups

Become A Powerful Team

Because learning to connect helps you work better together.

Did you know that over 80% of miscommunication that occurs between people is simply due to a difference in personality and communication styles? Our Certified communication consultants and coaches are here to help you master the art of communication so that your team can be more effective. When we communicate, we assume the other person is hearing what we intend for them to hear but that is not always the case. And it's usually because WE have not communicated in the way the other person needs us to.

Gener8 are specialists at supporting teams to better understand the individual personality and communication styles within the team. Beyond that, we provide tangible resources to help team members communicate more effectively with the different styles. When your team members begin to better understand themselves, the flow-on effects can be amazing. Your productivity increases, your culture improves and your clients benefit.

The foundation of our Team Communication training is the DISC behaviour and communication model. Each person's personality is unique and impacts everyone else within the team. That's why one of the most powerful things a team can do to increase their effectiveness is to understand each member's personality and what drives them. Teams who have gone through our DISC workshop have gained massive insights into 'why' people communicate and behave the way they do.

During this workshop (1/2 day or full day), each team member receives their own 30-page DISC profile report, along with customised feedback from one of our Certified Consultants. The reports form the basis of the work that is done during the workshop. Team members will understand both their strengths and 'blind spots' and practice implementing strategies to help them relate better to the different personalities within the team.


Once team members have completed individual DISC reports, we have the ability to generate an 'Executive Team Impact Report'. This report is delivered to the business owner or team leader and collates the team's results into one powerful tool. The Team Impact Report provides:

  • deeper insights into the collective strengths of the team and how to lead them more effectively
  • a snapshot of how the team transforms under pressure; this helps the leader identify ways to develop and encourage resilience
  • specific dos and don'ts for communicating with their unique team

One of the most unique tools we as John Maxwell Team Coaches possess is The Leadership Game - Communications Edition. The Leadership Game is a cleverly designed, comprehensive board game designed to help teams improve their communication IQ and connection. The questions are designed to stimulate discussion among a team, get people reflecting, and foster appreciation for each member's strengths. It's a fun way to get your team to communicate and open up in a safe, relaxed environment. The Game is delivered as a 1/2 day workshop and includes a pre-game-day session with the team leader to identify key objectives as well as a full summary and recommendations report delivered to the team leader after Game day. That report contains the Coach's observations of the team interactions as well as suggestions for leveraging the experience.

 Powerful Presentations is our proprietary training programme developed exclusively to help your team transform how they present information. Our team of seasoned Speakers has literally hundreds of presentations - from small boardroom training sessions to 'main stage' keynote addresses - under their belts. We can support your team to craft more impactful presentations whether they are conducting a sales discussion with an audience of 1, facilitating training for a small group of their peers or delivering a keynote address to an audience of 300+, we'll support them to:

  • understand and manage the 4 types of presentation anxiety
  • find their unique presentation 'voices' and styles
  • capture their own unique stories that can help bring their presentations alive
  • understand the impact that body language has on an audience
  • create effective visuals that support (rather than detract from) the message