What do Sir Richard Branson, Nelson Mandela
and Angela Merkel have in common?

They are all looked to as great leaders and communicators. Why? Because they worked to develop that 'x factor' that is the ability to influence.

We believe that everyone has the potential to be a great leader and communicator. These abilities are SKILLS that can be developed over time, not mysterious powers that some are born with and others aren't. When you work with our team of Maxwell Leadership Certified Leadership Coaches and 'Maxwell Method of DISC' Behavioural Styles Consultants, we can support YOU to massively increase your impact on the world by increasing your ability to influence.

Why work with Gener8 Leadership Solutions? Because, as part of the Maxwell Leadership team, we have access to some of the most unique tools and resources available anywhere in the world. From The Leadership Game to Executive Impact Reports and Team DISC workshops, we can help individual leaders and their teams to shift to whole new levels of effectiveness.

Gener8 Leadership Solutions can support you and your team to improve your ability to influence and lead.

Our leadership development programmes are designed around your unique situation and goals. We will support you and your team to reach new levels of personal accountability, engagement and impact.


Gener8 Leadership Solutions are ready to help you and your team improve your communication.

Our 1-to-1 and group communication coaching and training programmes are designed to help you and your team connect better and appreciate each others' unique strengths. That can lead to improved culture, increased effectiveness and higher productivity.




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